Eva Interface 1.3
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Introduction and download 

This download page is only intended for persons with permission and a valid Eva program password. The Eva program files are password protected and you will not be able to use the programs without a valid password.

Click the “Download EvaI” link to download EvaI or the “How to Install” link to view installation procedure.

The installation document only helps you through the process of installing Java and EvaI on a local computer. When you have downloaded the .zip file you must extract it to a temporary folder on your local computer before using the installation guide.


Last time updated is Monday 14th June - 2010


The download below is the latest version of the Eva Interface it fixes some known problems in regard to how the user behaves. Primarily, a update problem with the eva inbred parameter file and a problem with viewing the largest genetic contributions.

Please read "Change history" section for further information regarding fixes and improvements.


If you want or need to install the new version of in the "old" Eva Interface folder the you can directly install the update over older version of EvaI without doing anything special.

Download and install as described in the installation document but when the installation program ask to where to install EvaI browse to the old installation folder and select this as the new installation folder. This will automatically replace your current Eva Interface version with the new version.


- Version number not changed within application, read change history for explanation.

Download Eva Interface version 1.3.09 (~15 MB) from Marts - 2009. If winzip is not on your computer you can download it from here.


Please read How to Install? before trying to install the Eva Interface which is the a bare minimum guide how to install the application.


A second edition of the fully updated and complete guide to the installation and use of the Eva Interface (the Eva Interface User Manual)
is downloadable here as zip file (~1.1 MB), pdf file (~1.4 MB) or Microsoft Office Word Document (~11 MB).


Norgen Course in Tallinn 14-18th June 2010

Users who should attend the NGH Eva course in Foulum, Tallinn the 14rd and 18th of June 2010, must download and install the latest version of the Eva Interface (1.3.08).

In addition you should download the latest user manual and the two example data input files onto the computer you will use at the course, before attending the course.


Example data input file is downloadable here (~220 Kb) and pig_ex_data


It is also possible to download the exercises used at the course here (~68 Kb) and solutions to the exercises here (80 Kb)



If for some reasons your computer doesn’t start the "EvaW.exe" program try starting the "Eva.jar" program instead. The reason the "EvaW.exe" may not start is that your computer have less memory installed than the “EvaW.exe” program needs. “EvaW.exe” is optimized for speed and therefore requires more memory than the “Eva.jar” program.


We recommend a computer with the following specifications: 

  • 2.5 – 3.0 GHz processor or higher.

  • Memory:

    • Minimum. 128 Mb of ram (Depend on population size in data file.).

    • Recommended. 512 Mb of ram.

  • At least 15 Mb free disk space.

Even with a computer of this size, Eva calculation may take minutes or hours. Depending of how big a population you have in the data files and how parameters are specified. As an example we ran Eva on a data file with a population of 24.500 animals on a computer with the above specifications and it took 20 minutes. You should not take this general example as a guideline for how long time the Eva programs need for a calculation, because the algorithms used in the programs are stochastic (non-deterministic), which indicate that the complexity of the calculation is exponentional in the size of the population size.

Please be aware that numeric fields should be used with thousand separators to work correctly. E.g. -1000 should be written -1.000. The example is using a dot as a thousand separator (Danish). Which letters you should put as thousand separator depends on the country and culture your computer is installed with. You should check that the parameter values are correct set in the log files in the runtime dialog.

Future planned changes

Peer Bergs Eva Version 2.0


Basic changes

  • Computations of average relationships (based on Meuwissen & Sonesson (1998))
  • EVA will be less memory consuming due to the implementation of the algorithm proposed by Colleau (Colleau, J.-J. 2002. An indirect approach to the extensive calculation of relationship coefficients. Genet.Sel.Evol. 34:409-421) to compute average relationships

 Parameter changes

  • Parameter Annual
    • If .false. (the default) average relationship is minimised
    • If .true. rate of inbreeding is minimised
  • Two estimates of rate of inbreeding
    • 1: based on the age profile of the optimal solution
    • 2: based on the age profile of the previous generation



Change history

Version 1.3.08

Only changes to the internals working of the Eva Interface has been done is this version and a new release of the Peer Bergs Eva program is added to the Interface.
The changes in Peers Eva program are the following:

  • Genetic merit of candidates, given in the input data file, are standardised in order for weights to be comparable across datasets.
  • Prediction of rate of inbreeding in output

Version 1.3.07

This version of the Eva Interface consist mainly of some minor updates to a number of external files and a revisited general help document.

Because it is only a update of external files, we did not have to re-compile the application. Therefore, you will still see 1.03.06 as version number stated within the application, but if
you go into "Help->Generel help..." menu the help document version is update to version 1.7.

Please update your current installation, to be sure to have a correct functioning version of the Eva Interface.

Version 1.3.06

This version of the Eva Interface consist primarily of small bug fixes which has been annoying and a addition of  a warning not to use the advanced parameters in the Eva part of the application without knowing exactly how they influences the computation.


  • Fixed inbred contribution lines appeared in the interface although you have removed them from the computation.

  • Fixed strange crash

    The interface would sometimes randomly crash for no immediately reason, because of a parameter error in the project files. This has been fixed inside the interface code such that your projects do not need to get changed.

  • Fixed advanced parameter default values

    The standard values for the eva advanced parameters has been update to reflect latest experiences and knowledge.

  • Removed some spelling errors from the Interface.

  • Removed some internal program documentation form the installation


  • Added warning to Eva about not using the advanced parameters.

Version 1.3.02 Update 1

It has not been possible to use EvaI in the new Java 1.5 version, due to some broken sorting code in the Java 1.5 version. This has been fixed by implementing a shuffle/merge sorting algorithm directly. Furthermore, I have rewritten the whole “Contribution Selection dialog” to accommodate the directly implemented sorting algorithm.


  •  Fixed random failure to load mating list into result view after run.

    The failure occurred, because some optional texts extended the numerical value an integer can hold, before variable overflow occur. Changed variable from integer type to long type, which means that the maximum value now is 2^64. Please do not exceed this value. If you do exceed the maximum value for a long EvaI will not show the calculated mating list.
  •  Fixed uppercase ‘E’ letter failure in “eva.dat” file.

    This is actually not an error on the Microsoft Windows system. But it becomes an error if you move a project to a Unix/Linux system, because Unix/Linux systems distinguish between upper and lower case letters.
  • Fixed minor error when you click cancel in the Contribution Selection Dialog.

    EvaI would still try to insert selected items even though you have cancelled the selection. Have rewritte the logic behind the cancel handling.
  • Fixed some minor bugs I found doing this update.


  • I have rewritten “Contribution Selection Dialog”

    You can now make multiple selections by pressing either the shift key or the ctrl key while clicking the mouse.
    Sorting is now three ways ascending, descending and random. You sort the optional text by clicking either “Available Animals” or “Selected Animals” headers.
    Moving of selected optional text is now done by clicking up and down errors beside the selected animals list. You select multiple items in the selected animals list by holding either shift, ctrl and clicking with the mouse you want to move.
  •  The memory consumption have been lowered due to the shift to Java 1.5, which mean that you now can run EvaI on a machine with less than 128 Mb of ram, but memory requirements still rely heavily on number of animal in your data file.

 Hope you enjoy this update. Please report possible problems to me as soon as possible.

Version 1.3.02 (Rev. 1)

  • Fixed missing parsing of optional text when loading new data file into existing project.

  • Fixed broken link to "help" file and "tips and tricks" file.

Version 1.3.02

  • Added options for displaying animal id, optional text and both to some presentation tables
  • Added splash screen to notify user that application is starting, such that user is visually aware that application is loading. 
  • Optimized/changed 93 minor issues regarding the user interface.
  • Reduced memory consumtion of the user interface.

Version 1.3.01 RC2

  • Fixed error in runtime dialog. Title and time was not reset after each run.
  • Fixed some minor errors in user interface.
  • Updated the Eva user guide from version 1.4 to 1.5
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
University of Aarhus. Denmark
Department Genetics and Biotechnology