Java Installation 

Please remove all other Java versions before installing the latest Java version. (Look here)
Before you can run the Eva interface program for Eva and Eva inbred you need latest Java Version on your computer. Java is a small system plug in that allows you to view java contents on the internet or run Java application on your computer. The Java plug is easy installed. Click this link ( and follow the instructions given by the installation wizard. Your may need to reboot your computer after the installation finished. You are now ready to install the Eva Interface application.
***Please note that if you have Microsoft Windows XP service pack 2 installed you need to allow installation of an ActiveX component on your computer. In Internet Explorer a yellow rectangle appears in top of page, like the image below (Danish Language).
Click on the yellow rectangle and click "Install ActiveX-Object" accept security warning in next window and follow instructions given.
When Java is finished installing, install the Eva Interface program by following the procedure described below in the  "
How to Install Eva and Eva Inbred Interface program" section.


 How to Install Eva and Eva Inbred Interface program

Depending on whether you downloaded the Eva and Eva Inbred interface program (EvaI), received it via mail or received it on a cd-rom, the installation procedure varies a bit. If you received the interface programs on a cd-rom you will have to browse to you cd-rom drive to find the interface program. If you received the interface program via mail, save the attached files to a known folder on you computer disk and browse to that folder to continue the installation. If you downloaded the interface program, you need to locate the download folder to continue the installation.

  1. Browse to folder where you saved the EvaI installation file.
  2. Unzip the file to a known location and double-click on the "EvaI 1.3.08.exe" file
  3. Click "browse" button and browse to folder where EvaI is to be installed or just accept current folder


 How to run EvaI 1.3

1. Browse to EvaI installation folder
2. Double-click "eva.jar" or "evaW.exe" to run program

If "EvaW.exe" fails to execute, you may have an older version of Java installeded together with the latest Java version. Please remove the older Java version and try running "EvaW.exe" again. In any circumstances it should be possible to execute "eva.jar" .


 Removing older Java versions

  1. Click "Start" button in lower left corner of your screen.
  2. Click "Settings" (Indstillinger) or Click "Controlpanel" (Kontrolpanel).
  3. Locate the "Add/remove application" (Tilføj/Fjern programmer) icon and double click it.
  4. In the window that appear, scroll down and remove all Java versions.
  5. When older Java versions has been removed you can install the Java version.


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